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The continuous discovery of new horizons allows us to trace always different paths whose final destination are quality, creative and highly pragmatic methodologies.

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DevOnD with the aid of always different and innovative methodologies, draws training paths to develop individual and organizational skills. Our courses are tailor-made based on the analysis of needs, culture, values, goals to be achieved and organizational climate.


DevOnD employs a team of consultants with the most diverse organizational origins and with very different skills and competences. Our consultancy activities are very diversified and range from the analysis of company contexts to the development of innovative tools for the development of resources.


DevOnD plans and organizes individual and organizational development plans, assessment of potential and talent assessment with integrated methodologies. We deal with the analysis, assessment and development of human resources skills for the improvement of performance and business climate.

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DevOnD employs certified professional coaches in various international schools. This allows us to design individual and team paths in which different methodologies are combined with the aim of enhancing skills and areas of development, through customized action plans.

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DevOnD designs and structures playful moments to help resources to socialize outside the company context, beyond roles and labels, with clear and defined objectives. We organize team building, workshops, conventions, customized meetings designed as days of study, socialization and business affiliation.

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Digital learning

DevOnD employs expert digital partners who support the training activities ensuring our standards. We design tailor-made digital learning and training courses to enjoy training anywhere, at any time. The news in the digital sector are daily and we can meet the most diverse needs.

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Our organization is certified for the activity of "Design and delivery of training orientation and consulting services” ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Scope(s) 35.