Arianna Alesini

HR Senior consultant & trainer

After graduating in Philosophy, she then gained experience as a training expert and project manager in various international companies.

A passionate trainer since 2003, she likes to experiment with and search for new methods combining an analogical approach, through an extensive use of gaming activities, learning games, creative and expressive techniques, with her great propensity to contextualise content for the specific working environment.

Much appreciated for her ability to involve and motivate participants, she shows her strong desire to humanize organizational contexts and turn them into "life gyms".


Mirjana Aleksic

HR Senior consultant & trainer

Graduated in Translation and Liaison Interpreting, she is a passionate linguist and cultural mediator. She specialised in the Psychology of Education, before working in the area of development of Human Resources and Applied Psychology.

Trainer and coach since 2002, she travels across Italy and Europe applying a wide range of activities in the world of behavioral training and motivational events to promote the development of managerial and/or interpersonal skills on an experiential basis.

Dynamic, passionate about her work and highly appreciated for her international profile. She leads courses in Italian, English and German.


Mascia Pino

HR Senior consultant & trainer

Graduate in Philosophy, with a Masters in Marketing and Communication, and in NLP, she worked abroad for over 10 years, dealing with Strategic Communication for large international companies (McDonald's, Heineken, Philip Morris). Expert in Public Speaking and in the MediaActing® methodology, specialist in non-verbal communication and passionate about Emotional Intelligence, she decided to combine her experience in the corporate world with her love of managerial training.

Since 2011 she has been a trainer and coach in Italy and abroad. With great enthusiasm and professionalism, she works mainly with managers and executives, helping them to improve their communication techniques and to enhance their leadership.


Yara Bravo

HR Consultant & trainer

Yara graduated first in the USA (Bachelor of Arts in Government and Master of Science in Social Sciences) and then in Italy (in Political Sciences, focussing on International Relations), she has lived in Africa, North America and Europe. Project Manager and Consultant, she has worked in particular in the areas of communication and fundraising, human resources and training, citizen labelling and corporate citizenship, management in non-profit organizations, foundations and public bodies in Italy and abroad.

Currently, she is a Coach and trainer, particularly interested in issues related to diversity management. She is also certified as a MBit Coach for the use of MBraining.


Simona Cianchetti

HR Consultant & trainer

With a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, she worked for 12 years in German multinationals in the sales and marketing sector both in Italy and abroad. Specialized in systemic counselling and certified coach, since 2012 she has been involved in people development within corporate organizations with various levels of complexity, always with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Empathy, listening and effective communication are among her most appreciated talents in the management of human resources. Her skills are completed by her knowledge of English and German that allows her to provide training and consulting activities also in international scenarios.


Fiona Talbot

HR Senior consultant & Trainer

With a degree in "European Business Administration", she initially worked in the sales and marketing area for several multinational companies.

In 2003 she moved to Rome where she began collaborating with DevOnD as a senior trainer, providing courses in Presentation skills, Team building, Communication, Development centre and Human Resources management, delivering courses in Italian, English and French.

In the meantime she specialized as a coach at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in London.


Ambra Piscopo

HR Senior consultant & trainer

A graduate in Law, since 2003 she has been dedicated to assessment, training and development. With a certification in Emotional Intelligence, she did her training with Daniel Goleman, Joshua Freedman, Jeffrey Zeig, Ralph Kilmann and Diego Ingrassia - the top experts on the subject.

Following the models of EI, NLP and neuroscience, she deals with highly effective training programmes. She collaborates with major academies, multinational and national companies managing the phases of needs analysis, design and delivery of courses, also in English, French and Spanish.


Cecilia Toni

HR Senior consultant & trainer

Work Psychologist, since 2003 she has been working in the area of training, consulting and coaching for companies.

After a series of training and work experiences in England, France and Italy she began to devote himself to training and business consulting, specializing in various fields. She has a Master's degree in Art Therapy, Posturology, Coaching and Team Coaching. She is involved in all phases of the training process: needs analysis, design, delivery and feedback.

She is enthusiastic about her work, since it allows her to stay in touch with her greatest passions: people, continuous learning, growth and innovation.


Enrica Cicerone

HR Senior consultant & trainer

Psychologist of work and organizations, since 1992 she has worked in various professional entities, from public administration to the private sector, from small / medium to large enterprises. Since 2001 she has been involved with training, consulting and coaching.

The approach that she uses is the result of an integration of her professional and personal experiences that see her engaged in all phases of a business project: from analysis, to planning, delivery and feedback.

Her speciality is the practical and concrete approach she gives to the various courses, which make the results immediately applicable in the various professional areas.


Flavia Severino

HR Consultant & trainer

Brazilian Designer and Trainer. She graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, before specializing in Communication Sciences at the University of Roma Tre and the European Institution of Design.

Expert in behavioural training and organizational development, she has provided training in Europe and America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Italy). Having lived between Europe and Asia for some years, she has been able to gain first-hand experience on the multicultural dynamics in South Korea.


Tiziana Mauro

HR Consultant & trainer

After a degree in Public Relations, her career developed in the world of communication: integrated communication, operational marketing, organization of events, digital marketing; then she moved on to the activity of consultant for the definition of marketing strategies for the launch of new brands.

At the same time, she embarked on a path of personal growth by approaching Counseling, Coaching and the world of training where she brought together different approaches studied and practiced over the years. Today therefore, alongside the role of consultant, she is a trainer of training courses where she transfers her know-how with enthusiasm and passion.


Edoardo Ercoli

HR Consultant & trainer

Occupational and Organizational Psychologist, enrolled in the Order of Psychologists of Lazio, Master in Personnel Selection, Training and Human Resources Management, two-year course in Psychological Counseling, Master in Coaching.

Since 2000 he has been involved in behavioural training, organizational well-being, performance empowerment, personnel selection and skills assessment at SMEs, large organizations and multinationals. Designs and delivers training courses in effective communication, assertiveness, inclusive language, conflict and relationship management, body relaxation techniques and concentration.

He works as a Wellness Psychologist for various companies and organizations leading stress management and relaxation groups, mindfulness, imagery and mental coaching practices. He designs and conducts personal growth workshops in which he synergistically uses cognitive, strategic, creative, bodily and imaginative tools.


Miranda Saulic

HR Consultant & trainer

Graduate in Interpretation and Specialized Translation at the SSLMIT of Trieste, after several work experiences in multicultural fields in Italy and abroad she approached the world of training with enthusiasm.

Thanks to her advanced knowledge of three languages, she has matured her skills in the field of coaching and consulting also in Eastern European countries, providing behavioural training courses. Passionate about self-awareness techniques and personal development, she is able to transmit and involve people with commitment and empathy in the training, communicative and development process of change.


Kate Wright

HR Consultant & trainer

With a degree in Anthropology and Literature, English native speaker, she gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

She worked initially in the sales area for several multinational companies. She then specialized in the marketing sector at the language school, ILS English, travelling and working closely with different nationalities all over the world.

In 2006 she moved to Rome where she began collaborating with DevOnD, mainly delivering training in English on Presentation Skills. In her job she loves working with people and on people development. Her goal is to teach people how to communicate and use body language effectively and efficiently.


Carole Calcagni

HR Consultant & trainer

Franco-Italian, with a degree in Economics and Commerce, she has been working as a consultant, translator and interpreter for several years in various professional and business contexts, mainly oriented towards internationalization, with direct experience in the world of economics. Multi-lingual trainer, dynamic and motivated by her interest in people, Carole is also passionate about Digital Learning. She has collaborated with DevOnD for several years as a multi-lingual trainer and Coach.


Philippa Wheadon

HR Senior consultant & trainer

Born in England, with a degree in Philosophy and Comparative Religious Studies, she has been a trainer since 1990. She began working in Japan, before moving back to Europe, working with many international companies in Spain, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic. Since 2006 she has been based in Rome.

She is specialised in communication strategies and delivers training courses on Presentations Skills, Cross Cultural Awareness and International Negotiations, both in English and Italian. Highly appreciated for her energy and her ability to motivate people and help them focus on and develop their strengths.


Fabrizio Faraco

HR Consultant & trainer

Certified Facilitator in Design Sprint, Lego © Serious Play® method and materials and in Design Thinking, he is also Coach, Project manager, Trainer and Communicator. The main specializations are: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing strategy, Marketing planning and operation, Communication strategy and Public Relation, Promotion in regulated market, Training, Digital marketing, Content Marketing, Social media marketing, Service Design and Customer Experience.

He has lived in many worlds: from the "old economy" characterized by the "managerial challenge" to the first "new economy" characterized by the "Information society"; from Italian research (ENEA), to US applied research (MIT), from the mainframe (CMS IBM) to the first personal computers that I shared (I was in the States in the 1980s and I met the gurus of the time: Felsenstein, Kildall , Jobs and Gates, among others); from technician to managerial, from human resources to marketing, A life of experiences all aimed at business and marketing skills.

After 15 years of corporation as manager and 10 of company as consultant around Italy and abroad, today his focus is on effective strategies for the success of organizations and in particular follows closely the opportunities offered by the development of digital and advanced business modeling tools.


Francesco Micarelli

HR Senior Consultant & trainer

Executive and Senior Consultant with solid experience in People, Technology and Business Transformation. Starting from an engineering background, progressively developed a sound skillset to help businesses cope with the increasing pace of innovation and competitive pressure in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Main areas of expertise and current focus include: Strategy, Vision and Culture; Team Building; Performance and Leadership; Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring; Change Management; Digital Transformation; Business and People Resilience; Growth and Expansion.

These are complemented by strong hands-on competence in Management Consulting, Programme and Project Management, Risk Management, Governance, Operations, Regulatory and Compliance, Business Continuity, Incident and Crisis Management, Product Management; System Delivery and Integration.


Davide Milone

HR Senior Consultant & trainer

Graduated in Psychology at "Università Cattolica" of Milan, he specialized first in Sport Mental Coaching and then in Human Resources, working both in the Sport and Corporate fields for Italian and international companies.

As Senior Trainer, he has a long experience in designing active learning training courses of different types. He is expert in soft skills such as: DISC Model, Leadership, Team Building, Change Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Negotiation.

As Coach, he works both at a Corporate level and in the Sports industry, helping managers and athletes to achieve their goals. He is Career Coach for both development and outplacement projects, also dealing with company re-organization, climate analysis, learning needs management and "retain".

As Assessor he has developed and delivered assessment programs - including experience-based assessments - for different target populations, both executive and managerial, and he has designed specific projects for potential assessment programs for the top management of several multinational companies, as well as programs for the evaluation of critical roles at managerial level.


Susy Carbonaro

HR Senior Consultant & trainer

Senior Trainer and Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation) with excellent communicative skills both in Italian and English. She always uses a consulting type of approach to projects and with clients. She is competent in the design, distribution, and interpretation of analysis tools; talented in the comprehension of needs and requests - and in the gathering and examination of data through quality and quantity tools. She is further able to coordinate and manage human resources, time, costs, and quality.

She works side by side of Area Managers, District Managers, MKT Manager, and Entrepreneurs with the aim to unleash their potential and help them reach their goals with clarity and confidence. Her main goal is to support people in taking charge of their role effectively. She creates personal growth journeys dedicated to those Managers and Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference for themselves and their companies by creating long-lasting changes in their lives.


Our organization is certified for the activity of "Design and delivery of training orientation and consulting services” ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Scope(s) 35.